Employer Work Place Law offers integrated legal, real estate and corporate advice and related services by drawing on the expertise of a network of professionals in relevant fields. All these professionals share the same values and high standards when it comes to servicing their clients.

We believe that earning our clients’ trust and building lasting relationships has to be at the centre of providing professional advice. We pride ourselves for being unbiased, commercial and practical even if this means that we occasionally advise our clients against taking certain actions and thereby forgoing our fees.

We provide services to small- and medium-sized businesses as well as individuals. Frequently, new clients are on-boarded via personal recommendations. Our main business focus is in the UK but our network of professionals also operates in Warsaw (Poland), France and Italy.

Our main services are:

  • Employer tribunals and dismissals
  • Accidents at work
  • Unfair dismissals
  • Misconduct and gross misconduct
  • Legal advice and related services
  • Property search and maintenance service
  • Corporate services for companies or individuals from abroad attempting to establish a business presence in the UK
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