Accidents at Work

Road traffic accident

Road traffic accidents can result in minor injuries such as whiplash or bruising to serious brain or spinal injury. Even if your injury is relatively minor, you could still be entitled to compensation.

All too often people are dismissive of minor occurrences and later regret not making a claim when they discover their injuries are niggling them or restricting them from certain activities. You might require physiotherapy or specialist medical treatment to regain full movement of the injured area. So it’s always worth seeking compensation within the three-year period. It’s not impossible to claim thereafter, but the procedure and successful outcome is less likely.

The majority of road accidents are settled amicably through insurance companies. Unfortunately there is a growing trend of irresponsible drivers who are oblivious to road tax and insurance. In these circumstances, particularly ‘hit and run’ incidents, it is still possible to claim compensation through the Motors Insurers Bureau who deal specifically with claims against uninsured drivers. For all financial matters we refer clients to our partner website Simple Pay Day. If it is not possible to trace the driver then a claim can still be brought under the Motor Insurers Bureau Untraced Drivers Scheme, but in this case our usual criteria may not apply and we would need to discuss this type of claim with you.

If you are a cyclist or motorcyclist and have had an accident due to a road hazard such as unmarked areas or a pothole, you can still claim. Every local authority throughout England and Wales is responsible for the upkeep and general maintenance of the roads. Should road conditions not meet required standards the authority concerned may be liable to pay compensation to you.

We handle compensation cases for all road users and can help in cases where there are issues surrounding liability. So if you were the driver, cyclist, motorcyclist or pedestrian who has been injured through no fault of your own, get in touch with our solicitors.

Work or industrial accident

Do not underestimate the role employers have ensuring their employees are safe at work. It’s no surprise that the majority of serious accidents occur in more labour intensive professions. If you have had an accident at work due to driving, lifting, faulty equipment, machinery, poor lighting, ventilation, inadequate safety precautions, a lack of protective clothing or any other similar occurrence you may be entitled to claim.

Your employer will be protected by Employers Liability Insurance, which is enforceable for all registered companies and is in place to cover compensation for injuries and loss of earnings in the event of an accident. If your workplace is proved to be unsafe, you have a good chance of recovering compensation for your injuries.

Naturally many concerns and worries arise when employees consider seeking compensation from their employer and we recognise this anxiety. However, companies will be liable if the working environment falls below national health and safety standards. If you feel your training was inadequate or you were unsupervised at the time resulting in an accident, you can still claim and similarly if a fellow colleague caused the accident, your employer will still be liable.

If you have an accident at work, report the incident immediately. Most companies will have a report book, which will need to be signed. Only sign this when you are absolutely sure that the details are wholly accurate and in accordance with what actually happened to you. Your employer is legally bound to report any injuries to the Health & Safety Executive. Our solicitors endeavour to minimise the obvious stress and difficulties perceived throughout the claim process against your employer. Equally it’s important that you are compensated fully and that your working environment is a safe place to return to work in.

Passenger in a vehicle

This applies to both public and personal transport. You may be entitled to compensation for any incidents where you have suffered personal injury whilst travelling as a passenger whether by train, bus, taxi, car or as a motorcycle pillion General maintenance, insufficient security or driver’s error could be the predominant factors resulting in your accident. In the event of poor road maintenance the local authority is responsible for maintenance and subsequent repair and if this proves to be insufficient and the cause of your accident, they will be liable to compensate you fully.

Public transport is not exempt from compensation. Just think in recent years several highly publicised train crashes were primarily the result of poorly maintained tracks unable to handle modern trains. The transport companies rightfully compensated many of the people involved.

If you have been injured as a passenger in a vehicle your compensation claim will primarily be based on the extent of your personal injury. Other factors considered include loss of earnings and out of pocket expenses. You can also recover the cost of any treatment you received since your accident, such as physiotherapy or counselling. Once again, the trauma of any of these events is enough for any individual to cope with and is why our solicitors specialise in dealing with all the legal complexities of personal injury claims. It’s our job to decipher liability and access all parties for an effective resolution, which fully protects you.

Our solicitors are experienced in dealing with the most common types of injuries such as whiplash, broken bones and bruising to more serious brain, nerve and spinal related injuries. On the basis of medical reports and related complications due to your injury, your solicitor will be able to evaluate the amount of compensation due.

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