Injuries Abroad

If you have been injured on holiday either in the U.K. or abroad then you may still be able to claim compensation for your injuries. You may first wish to check whether your travel insurance will provide any compensation. You may find limitations on the amount of compensation offered or a clause, which effects your entitlement to claim. If you are unsure of your cover and endeavour to seek full compensation, we would be happy to discuss your claim detailing your injury, whether you accident occurred in the U.K. or whilst abroad. ..

You might have been involved in a road accident, received an injury through poorly maintained accommodation or been subject to a sporting injury due to a fall or unsupervised activity and could claim compensation.

Assaults abroad

We endeavour to assist all our clients with handling the legal burden particularly when violent crime is involved. These cases are handled slightly differently from the other categories in that compensation claims where a physical attack or a sexual offence has taken place, must be made within a two-year period and cases will be referred to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

The CICA was established by the government to compensate victims of violent crime and the amount of compensation is based on the type and severity of their injuries under a fixed tariff. Considerations will be given after this time frame but only in exceptional circumstances and is only applicable to people living in England and Wales. Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own system for dealing with criminal injuries. Due to the nature and sensitivity of this type of injury, this category has slightly different criteria with regard to the legal costs which we will need to discuss with you further.


If you have been in hospital or to a local surgery and have suffered personal injury due to poor treatment, care or lack of information, you need to know your rights for seeking compensation. We all know our medical services are stretched to the limits and offer exceptional service most of the time, however unfortunately a small but significant number of patients are injured by staff and in some cases this has resulted in death. If you have undergone surgery or treatment where you believe you were not properly cared for, you may be entitled to compensation for clinical negligence.

Without doubt, medical negligence claims are probably the most complex and require specialist attention. At we understand what investigations to pursue and how settlements in your favour are made.

Common questions

No question is too small or silly. Any uncertainty is justified when dealing with personal injury claims and finding out more about your entitlements.

We’ve compiled a short list of the most commonly asked questions.

1. Why use Us?

Few companies genuinely offer 100% compensation. Tucked away in the small print, some companies might take a share of your compensation or you end up paying the insurance premiums.

Our member firms are a national group of specialist personal injury lawyers, who deal with clients in a sympathetic and practical manner. We fully appreciate the problems related to taking a claim forward and are individually committed to you.

We are not an agency or middleman offering fruitless promises or bogus information. Our ‘no win, no fee’ basis is clearly driven by seeking the maximum payout possible for all our clients. It’s our job to help people who have been subject to personal injury due to the negligence of others. All of our solicitors are regulated by membership of the Law Society, which upholds professional conduct and ethical practices, giving you peace of mind.

2. How do I contact Employer Work Place Law?

‘Call free’ on 0800 634 5680 or if you prefer select the ‘Call Back‘ option leaving your contact details and most convenient time for us to get back to you. We will then assess whether you have a valid claim for compensation. You can also ‘Make a Claim Online’. Whatever your preferred method of contact, we do pride ourselves in providing honest and straight talking advice and information. Your call is immediately handled by one of our solicitors who will call you back that day so you can speak Direct to a Lawyer

3. How much compensation would I get?

It really depends on the type of injury and/or injustice you have suffered. There are no general figures and we have to bear in mind the psychological impact and cost to the injured party. Assessment is based on ‘general’ and ‘special damages’ which not only covers the injury aspect itself, but the overall cost to you in terms of loss of earnings, work schemes and bonuses and the impact on your social and domestic life. For self-employed claimants, we would correspond with your accountant or request copies of your accounts. Your solicitor will be able to estimate the value of your claim.

4. How do our member firms get paid?

The opposing party pays our solicitors if we win a case. The insurance protects us if we lose the case. This is why we run a risk assessment with you initially, simply because all the financial risk is upon ourselves.

5. What risks do I run in making a claim?

You don’t, is the simple answer as Direct to Lawyers make sure that you are covered for all eventualities.

6. Will I need to visit my solicitor’s offices?

It’s up to you, but the majority of people conduct their business over the phone or by written correspondence.

7. Will I need to visit a private Doctor?

Yes, certainly for any medical injuries sustained. We will arrange an appointment with a local doctor experienced in compiling medical reports. Your compensation will include the costs of any related travel expenses

8. How long will my case take?

We can’t really put a time frame on personal injury cases because of the variants and merits of each case. However we can ensure you that all matters are dealt with confidentially and efficiently. Clients obviously do not want a long and drawn out legal battle and we endeavour to minimize the process wherever we can. But more importantly, we would not settle for a lower payout simply because the other party would benefit from speedy resolution. We will keep you informed of estimated time frames throughout and in some cases we may be able to offer interim payments to you.

9. How long do I have to make a claim?

Three years from the date of accident. But exceptions apply to some criminal injuries cases, which have a two-year limit, or when a child is injured, the three-year period commences from their 18th birthday. Another exception applies to industrial-related disease (e.g. asbestosis), where the time limit is considered from the ‘date of knowledge.’

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