Work related illness

Unfortunately people do become ill or acquire a disease through poor working environments. We are sympathetic and wholly understanding of the upset caused in these circumstances. Compensation could prove imperative to your return to good health.

It is true that certain professions carry higher health risks than others but this is not in any way to suggest that illness should be accepted as an occupational hazard. If you work in a labour intensive or industrial environment and have fallen ill due to pollutants, chemicals or gases emitted in the area you have a strong case for compensation. Safety equipment, adequate staff and training are a legal requirement for all companies and where this has failed and in turn failed you having a direct impact on your health, it is your fundamental right to claim compensation.

Your solicitor will carry out investigations on receipt of a medical report. We will make arrangements for this. In order for your claim to be successful we must show that your illness occurred due to your employer’s negligence and/or breach of a statutory duty. Some illnesses materialise months or years after exposure to harmful substances (for example asbestos) and in these circumstances we assess your case from the ‘date of knowledge.’

Who’s at fault?

You may have had a nasty fall as a result of poor paving, stairs or an unmarked dangerous area. Potholes for example are notoriously dangerous and unacceptable if someone is injured as a result. This is sometimes perceived as a ‘grey’ area because of uncertainty of who is responsible. Potholes and broken pavements for example often come under the local authority’s responsibility.

If you have an accident of this kind, go back to the scene afterwards or ask a friend or relative to take a photograph and measure the size and depth of the defect if possible. This will act as strong evidence in your final claim. Otherwise there is a danger that as soon as a compensation claim is made, repairs to that area could take place quite rapidly and consequently valuable evidence would be lost. As a rule, it’s probably a good idea to take a photograph of any area where you have been involved in an accident. Similarly if possible it’s worth getting details from any witnesses.

Injuries at work

Faulty goods can cause serious injuries. Product call back or insufficient trial periods could well be a factor if your personal injury has been caused by defective goods. Customer rights have extended over the years to return faulty goods or products they were clearly unhappy with, however the initial response with regards to injury caused has always been convoluted.

By speaking to a specialist at, we can ascertain the line of enquiry in assessing liability. With claims of this type, the key factor is to clearly establish that the product’s defect was the sole cause of your injury. Every product on the marketplace, by law has to detail instructions and its contents. The Consumer Protection Act of 1987 makes manufacturers strictly liable for personal injury caused as a consequence of any product defect. We have to establish that your compensation claim falls outside of the small print as this is simply because some companies will try to waive responsibility in that clause. Once again, it’s worth noting down exactly what happened and getting in touch with us promptly will the details are still fresh in your mind.




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